Africa Theological Journal

Africa Theological Journal (ATJ) is a peer-reviewed international journal established in 1968 by the then Lutheran Theological College Makumira. The goal of ATJ was to promote theological research conducted by local and foreign scholars in the context of Africa.

The college has gone through several transitions, in 1997, when the college became Makumira University College, ATJ became a publication of MUCo. Since 2012, after MUCo's  transformation into Tumaini University Makumira (TUMA), ATJ is now a publication of TUMA.

ATJ has maintained its goal to become a forum for scholarly discussion on matters of theological issues relevant to the African context. Since its beginning ATJ has issued theological articles in biblical, systematic, pastoral, and missiological theology. These articles are from various contributors from different parts of Africa and international scholars, of whom many encountered African cultures as co-workers sent to African contexts by sister churches. These collections have strengthened ATJ contributors' discussion of issues related to faith and its practical impact on people's lives.

The second strength of ATJ is its coverage of issues in different epochs of African Christianity. In this sense, ATJ remains an essential resource for research in the entire history of the modern project of African Christian Theology. Many articles from the 1960s and 1970s were written when African Christianity searched for its identity and theology that could liberate it from colonial stereotypes and domination. ATJ has also material on the reflection of African Socialism and Humanism ideologies subject to theological reflections between the 1970s and mid-80s. ATJ has also accommodated theological discussions in the era of neo-liberalism and postcolonialism in Africa.

ATJ editorial committee has innovatively continued to take initiatives to provide contents of ATJ online and with open access to global contributors and readers with the support of University of Tübingen (Ixtheo), Germany. This project marks the beginning of digitalizing all past issues and articles of ATJ to be accessible to researchers in the near future.